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Feb 4 2014

When setting up an Umbraco web there are a lot of things i just copy-paste from my previous Umbraco-webb. Adding hgignore file, modernizr, normalize, jquery, setting up a Grunt build script and so on. The best way to automate this process i could think of was to use the much talked about Yeoman. I made a Yeoman generator for us Umbracians.
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Swedish Fika The Reboot

Apr 14 2013

We’ve just had the first Swedish Fika-fika with all the core members. The first one in years. So it’s not only we that have been unsocial with you guys. We’ve been unsocial with each other too. And that’s a shame, cause we still like each other and we still like the web. So this is the fresh start blog post that will explain what’s happening.

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Are Newsletter Unsubscription Success Emails Really Necessary?

Nov 25 2011

Every site that has a newsletter signup should provide an easy way to unsubscribe from the subscription list that correspond to that newsletter. A nice way is just to add a link at the bottom of the newsletter labeled “Unsubscribe”. But what do we think should happen when you click on that link?

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Yeah, the MS world can be a bit conservative...
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Great read and I love mixing...
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Good Lightbox alternative: LightZAP...
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gosh , thanks for the article, but could...
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Thanks for sharing. It worked for me


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