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The Swedish Chocolate Ballchockladboll

“Svenska chokladbollar is a traditional Swedish chocolate pastry with flavours of mocha, smothered in chocolate and sprinkled with grated coconut. The Swedish chocolate ball dates back many decades and one of the first recipes was posted in the Swedish newspapers in 1943” swefika

The Swedish Vacuum Cleaner

dammsugare“Svenska dammsugare is a classic Swedish marzipan pastry coated oatmeal filling with delicious chocolate. The name ‘Vacuum cleaner’ comes from the tube shaped vacuum cleaners that were common in the Swedish homes in the 1920s .”

About us

  • We are truly passionate about Swedish Fika and would like to share the lovely and delicious Swedish chocolate pastry world wide.
  • Our products are sold through Tax free shops, hotel chains and tourist stores in Sweden.
  • Larger quantities can also be ordered through the contact form below.



  • info@swedishfika.com

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