Many of you have probably already heard about the European Web Browser Choice that’s going on in, yes you guessed right, Europe right now.

The Web Browser Choice is according to the European Commission a deal between The European Commission and Microsoft. The European Commission believes that Microsoft has taken advantage of their predominant position on the European market by providing Internet Explorer as the standard browser on Windows.

Therefore, Microsoft users that use XP, Vista and Windows 7 and has choosen Internet Explorer as their standard web browser will after a windows-update, be provided with a browser choice screen where they can decide that they want to use another browser than Internet Explorer if they want to.

As a web developer I really like this decision, since it can get us further away from IE6 and make unaware Internet users more aware of different browsers. I’m not sure how much effect this will have, I guess most users will wonder, what is this? Do I dare to click on this or will my computer explode if I do so?! I know a few persons that will have this reaction…

Event though I like it I don’t really like the idea that the European Commission can tell Microsoft they have to do this, even though they have a point. It’s not that you actually can’t use another browser than Explorer on Windows. There’s nothing that’s stopping you to install whatever browser you’d like on your windows machine. Why shouldn’t Microsoft be allowed to ship Internet Explorer with their OS? Why don’t the European Commission tell Apple to also provide this web browser choice window-thing?

Maybe we’re just not there yet or what do you think?