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Traditional Swedish Cookies

Beautiful Cookie jar with design of the Swedish Flag. The lovely design includes some of the most famous elements of the Swedish culture.​

The box contains 160g (ca 13pcs) of traditional cookies (vegan). The different versions that are available are:​

Swedish Chocolate Cookie/Chokladkakor​

Swedish Raspberry Cookies/Drottningkakor​

Swedish Vanilla Dream/Vaniljdrömmar​

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Traditional Swedish Pastry

Beautiful chocolate pastry box with design of the Swedish Flag​

Perfect gift for Swedish tourists and representation for companies and everyone who loves fika. All our products are vegan & dairy free. ​

The box contains 350g (10pcs) of traditional Swedish Chocolate balls and Vacuum Cleaner​

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Swedish Raspberry Cookies/Drottningkakor

Swedish Chocolate Cookie/Chokladkakor

  • WHEAT flourmargarine (vegetable fats (palm*, palm kernel*, rapeseed), water, salt, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids; flavouring, antioxidant: citric acid), sugar, chocolate pieces 15% (sugar, cocoa masscocoa butter, emulsifierslecithins – E476; flavouring), raising agents: sodium carbonates – diphosphates; flavouring, maize starch.
    May contain traces of oat (gluten), eggs, milk and nuts.
    *Sustainably produced and certified.
    Keep cool and dry.
  • Important: Product composition can be change. Always read the ingredient composition on the package.
    Energy 2126kJ/508 kcal
    Fat 26,2 g
    of which saturates 14,2g
    Carbohydrate 62,4 g
    of which sugars 34g
    Protein 4,6 g
    Salt 0,67 g

Swedish Vanilla Dream/Vaniljdrömmar​

  • wheat flour, sugar, margarine (vegetable fats (palm*, shea, palm kernel*, rapeseedcoconut), water, salt, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids; flavouring, antioxidant: citric acid), vegetable oil (rapeseed), raising agent: ammonium carbonatesvanilla flavouring 0,1%.
    May contain traces of oat (gluten)eggsoya and nuts.
    *Sustainably produced and certified.
    Keep cool and dry.
  • Important. Product composition can be change. Always read the ingredient list on the package.
    Energy 2186 kJ/523 kcal
    Fat 27 g
    of which saturates 10 g
    Carbohydrate  64 g
    of which sugars 36 g
    Protein 4,0 g
    Salt 0,28 g

The Swedish Chocolate Ball

Oatmeal, sugar, vegetable margarine (vegetable fat [palm, rapeseed and coconut oil], water, salt, emulsifiers [E471 vegetable fat], acidity regulator [Citric acid]), cocoa glaze (sugar, vegetable fat [palm and shea oil], fat-reduced cocoa powder 2.9%, aromaemulsifier [soy lecithin, E492 vegetable fat]), coconut flakes, fat-reduced cocoa powder, flavouring, preservatives (potassium sorbate).  

Näringsvärde per 100g

Energy 2100 kJ/500 kcal
Fat 29 g
Of which saturates​ 15 g
Carbohydrates​ 52 g
Of which sugar 35 g
Protein 4,7 g
Salt 0,3 g

The Swedish Vacuum Cleaner

Oatmeal, sugar, marzipan (15% sugar, almondsglucosestabilizersorbitolinvert sugar, colourant [E160a, E131], preservative [potassium sorbate]), vegetable margarine (vegetable fat [palm, rapeseed and coconut oil], water, salt, emulsifiers [E471 vegetable fat], acidity regulator [citric acid]), cocoa glaze (sugar, vegetable fat [palm and shea oil], fat-reduced cocoa powder 2.3%, aromaemulsifier [soy lecithin, E492 vegetable fat]), fat-reduced cocoa powderarrack aromapreservatives (potassium sorbate).

Energy 2100 kJ/500 kcal
Fat 24 g
Of which saturates​ 11 g
Carbohydrates​ 59 g
Of which sugar 44 g
Protein 4,4 g
Salt 0,3 g

The Swedish Mazarin

Socker, margarin (vegetabiliskt fett och olja [palm, raps, kokos], vatten, salt, arom), vetemjöl, ägg, glukossirap, mandel, aprikoskärnor, fuktighetsbevarande medel glycerol, konserveringsmedel (E262, E202), majsstärkelse, bakpulver (E450, bikarbonat), emulgeringsmedel E471, förtjockningsmedel (fruktkärnmjöl, guarkärnmjöl).

OBS – Ej Vegansk

Energi 1800 kJ/430 kcal
Fett 19 g
Varav mättade fettsyror 7 g
Kolhydrater 62 g
Varav sockerarter 40 g
Protein 4,8 g
Salt 0,43 g

The Swedish Kladdkaka

Socker, ägg, margarin (palmolja, rapsolja, vatten, kokosolja, salt, arom), vetemjöl, fettreducerat kakaopulver, sirap, vetestärkelse, druvsocker, fuktighetsbevarande medel glycerol, vetegluten, salt, konserveringsmedel (E262, E202), arom samt härdad palmolja.

Kan innehålla spår av mandel

OBS – Ej Vegansk

Varav mättade fettsyror
Varav sockerarter

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About us

Sweden is a country of many traditions, perhaps none as lovely as the concept of having a ‘Fika’. The word ‘Fika’ dates back many centuries to the 1700s, when coffee was introduced to Sweden and is a mixture of the letters for the Swedish word for coffee; kaffi (later kaffe). Coffee drinking became a tradition mainly at home as a social event, unlike the rest of Europe and was often served with pastries or a snack. The word Fika later evolved into a form of socializing, while enjoying a beverage, often coffee or tea and eating pastry. The Swedish tradition of Fika is spreading through Swedish people and businesses around the world. Swedish Fika is a warm, kind and lovely way of bringing people together that we are here to help spread.


We are continuously driving towards minimizing our environmental footprint on the planet by aiming for the highest and most environmental friendly standards and certificates. This is a ongoing journey and so far we (including our sub suppliers) have the following certificates.

-IFS Food (Version 6: April 2014) at Higher Level

-IFS Food Version 6.1, November 2017

-UTZ Chain of Custody Cocoa Standard – Better Farming, Better Future

-Vegan Society

-IP Livsmedel Certified

-UTZ – UTZ certified cacao enables sustainable cacao farming, www.utz.org

We appreciate your feedback so kindly send us improvement suggestions to help us on our journey! Improvements within environments and sustainability areas, that are implemented and leads to an significant improvement, will be rewarded with a small gift.


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